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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

hOmestay KanchOng Darat

First of all, I want to say that I was really happy and enjoyed along of this homestay programmed. For staying in Kanchong Darat about 4 days and 3 nights, I got many sweetest moments, various of knowledgeable  and also had a new greatest  relationship either with  my foster family and also my International friends from Thailand, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Yemen, Somalia  and Malaysia. 
Now, I can call each of my new friend’s nickname: Al-Qhadeer,Labeeb, Mansour, Mohammed, Muhyadin, Maher, Bell, Mimi, Patima, Satinee, Cherry, Cathy, Aliff, Lyn 1, Jaja, Pika, Bai, Nadia, Filza, Jannah, Wan, Syam and Lyn. 
 For my first impression, I felt being welcoming because of the “Silat” performance from Kanchong Darat’s community. Then, I spent my whole Wednesday from evening till Thursday’s morning with my foster family. It felt good because my foster family had a big family. I called my foster mother as ‘mama’ while my foster father as ‘babah’. My foster siblings was nine whereby six boys and three girls. All of my foster siblings were really friendly and make me feels more comfortable to be there. 
 On Thursday, we visited some of the small factories in Kanchong Darat like ‘Kilang Ros’, Freeze-Cold, and Mama’s Jun. I got new knowledge about the way of the products processed and what is fantastic thing, I can taste the food as much as I want. Hehehe.. 
 I also went to “Rumah Contoh” and Jugra. Both of these places had their own history hence gave me a new knowledge about the historical places in Malaysia instead of I am Malaysian people. Actually, for having so much activities made me felt really tired. 
 After taking a short sleep time in the bus, we took some rest by having a nice view and took a deep breath in Pantai Kelanang. But I was quite disappointed because didn’t have an opportunity to go to Pulau Carey. 
 At night, I filled up my stomach with “Nasi Ambang”. The tasted was really good. But unlucky, I don’t learned the way of making “Nasi Ambang”. How special about “Nasi Ambang “programmed, we ate together with my foster family whish was can eat six people in one ‘dulang’ preservations. 
 On Friday, there were Arabic classes for primary school students and followed by a Forum between participance and operator programmed. At night, we were having our dinner together with satay,’ikan bakarfried rice and also ‘air kelapa’. There were really havoc and happening night because the students from Thailands and Arab showed their talents and also their own culture. There were also karaoke, we danced together and sang together. What was the great performance was singing the song of “UiTM Di Hatiku” as requested by Vice Canselor.. Again, I really hope if the entire villager’s community can join us so that I can feel more welcoming because most of the activities seem like for participant only. In my opinion, it would look very welcoming and enjoyed if our attendance was supported by villager’s community. 
 For the last special day, I felt really happy for the traditional games activities. We played many activities like Konda Kondi, Gasing’, ‘Anyam Ketupat’,’Gula Dalam Tepung’ ‘wau’ and ‘Tarik upih’. I can see all of my friends was enjoyed themselves even though the weather was very hot. 
 Lastly, we were going back to Shah Alam after the closing ceremony. I felt quiet sad because have to leave my foster family and also my sweetest moment in Kanchong Darat. There were a lot of experienced that I have been learned. However, there were also occurred a few of mistakes that the operator programmed should pay attentions and take a serious action to make this homestay programmed more accomplished like a schedule arrangements and the communication between the higher organization of this homestay programmed.  Just I want to say, “Alhamdulillah…because all of us were going and back safely.
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